Get Involved!

Reflekt Magazine is a volunteer based publication. Instead of being a coffee fetching intern, you get to work hands on! Interview stylish people from around the world, attend fashion shows, write engaging and cheeky articles, assist on fashion shoots and get experience! But don’t let the Devil wears Prada glamour fool you- it’s a lot of (wo)man hours, late nights, deadlines, and proof-reading. Lots and lots of proof-reading.

This is a great opportunity to gain experience and have some amazing stuff to add in your portfolio as well as connect with talented people that can help you further your own dreams. Required hours are 5-10 hours per week . We can also provide extra credit if you bring the necessary papers from your school.

Whichever category your email regards to, please put your name and *if you have one* blog/tumblr/website url address.

We love to work with people from all sorts of fields and all levels of professionalism *or un-professionalism*. So in 'subject' please write what category the email is inquiring about and your name.

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Duty: Write regularly for, write and research articles for print issue, social media participation

Apply: In subject write Writer. Put your name, website/blog and 1-3 excerpts of your writing. Doesn't have to be polished, just be you! If you have an article you have written before and feel that it relates to Reflekt, personal style, style tribes, subculture fashion etc. please only send us ONE paragraph from said article and an overall summary of what the article is about. If we love it we will ask for the rest.

Duty: Create layouts for print edition, design promotional posters, update website design.

Apply: In subject write Graphics and your name, website/blog/portfolio and what computer programs you use to design (Adobe Photoshop, Indesign etc) and 1-3 .jpgs of your work.

Duty: Advertising, help write grants, travel to different stores, contact distributors, book and attend festivals, plan and host events involving Reflekt Magazine, plan fundraisers and campaigns, social media participation

Apply: In subject write Publishing. Add your name, website/blog, resume and 2-3 ideas for parties/events or engaging fundraising campaigns.



Duty: Be a model for Reflekt Magazine in photoshoots, promotional campaigns and events.

Apply: In 'subject' write Model if you want to model for us for editorials. Please write your name, age, location (preferably in L.A), 1 face picture and 1 body picture *no photoshop or makeup!* and your measurements (top, pants, shoe).

Duty: In charge of all photographic needs for Reflekt Magazine including photo shoots, promotional campaigns and events.

Apply: In 'subject' write Photographer. Your name, your website/ blog where we can see more of your work and 1-5 pictures of your work in .jpeg form.

Duty: Assist with styling shoots, Sew/steam garments, establish relationships with designers and stores, brainstorm along with editor-in-chief for editorial concepts, attend fashion shows, presentations, brand launches, social media participation.

Apply: In subject write Stylist with your name, website/blog/portfolio and describe your style, what fashion designers you like, and what your favourite outfit is.