Issue º9 - digital version

Issue º9 - digital version


This issue features:

-personal style interviews with fashion designer and Disney kawaii goth kid Andy Ovando, Malaysian fashion designer and stylist Jezmine Blossom of Old Blossom Box, and art patron and descendant of the Persian royal family Homeira Goldstein

-Style Tribe feature: inside the world of Cosplay, where we learn the craftsmanship and criticism that goes on from two popular cosplayers

-Style Tricks we learned from a Drag Queen

-How to find your alter ego

-Clothes Relationship: How clothes make you feel better  

-Comparing the excess of fashion from the 17th century (Marie Antoinette era) to the 21st century (today)

-Battle of Los Angeles. Mixing galactic fashion with a retro twist inspired by the REAL 1942 UFO sighting in Los Angeles

-We're all posers: What's behind the copycat complex  

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Reflekt Issue º9 ALTER EGO After our photo shoot with Issue º9 Reflekt Muse Homeira, we sat down and asked her a few questions about his personal style and fashion. Music: Composed by Lawrence Lindell

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