Issue º8

Issue º8


This issue features:

-personal style interviews with fashion photographer and old Hollywood glamazon Franz Szony, Crossdressing performance artist and fine painter Erika Bijeljic, and Los Angeles Zine Queen & gothy retro dresser Simon Sotelo.

-Shamate-Kei, Chinese farmers and blue collar labor workers adopt the Japanese Visual Kei rock star look to the dive bars of China's rural areas

-Made you look: Why its a blessing and curse to be considered "exotic"

-Good style/ Bad Politicians: looking at the amazing personal style of 3 of history's most controversial politicians former Congolese president Mobutu Sese Seko, former Philippines First lady Imelda Marcos and France's former queen Marie Antoinette

-How to reject being Pretty

-Hobo-sexual: Learn how to perfect the disheveled effortless look made popular by Erin WassonAlexander Wang and oh yea homeless people

-How to look glamorous broke

-Style tricks we learned from...a costumer designer. Edward K. Gibbon famous for creating the popular looks for BBC shows SkinsSecret Diary of a Call Girl and Doctor Who spills his secrets how to find your own unique personal style

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Preview of Issue º8

Preview of Issue º8


Chat with Reflekt Muse Franz Szony in his gilded downtown loft and behind the scenes of Issue º8