Issue º13 FAMILY

Issue º13 FAMILY


This issue features:

-Maternity Chic: How identity is affected through dress and new motherhood
-Fashion History of the Mafia
-The secret style rituals of fraternity brothers-a style guide
-DIY how-to: slasher clothing
-Muse interview with New Orleanian teacher and garden chic dandy Rahn Broady
-Fashion rules our mum taught us
-Is subculture dead? anthropologists to former myspace scene queens weigh in on the question
-LA gang fashion and what it means
-How sibling rivalry play into how we dress
-Fashion guide to Twinning Style
-Cult: How fashion is worshipped and the tribes we create around it
-Your Breasts are leaking: breast feeding and how clothes play a part
-Siamese fashion
-Unexpecting: editorial with pregnant model and cover star

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