Issue º12 TRAVEL - digital version

Issue º12 TRAVEL - digital version


Available for tablet, computer, and mobile device

This issue features:

-Gorgeously cool editorials from London, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, and LA

-Features of far away lands, time travel and astral projection

-Cure for Culture Shock

-Dr. Who style guide -Muse interviews with a London Linguist (Gavino Di Vino) Bangkok/London Dancer and Fashion Consultant (Manrutt Wongkaew) and LA musician and artist (Def Sound) 

-Guides of unusual travel hacks, how to haggle, exploring a different "you" on vacation, and what to wear on public transportation

-Rare Leigh Bowery photo given by renowned London street fashion photographer Peter Paul Hartnett

- Fashion history of Stewardesses and Trainspotting

-Futurist Fashion from the 1930's

-Steam Punk

-60's Space / Futuristic fashion

-How to be a stylish traveller on a budget

-How to explore abandoned places as told by well known LA urban explorer 4th and Spring

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Chatting with Reflekt Muse Def Sound in his LA music studio