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Kimono as Traditional Clothing in Japan?

When we think of Japan and the words “traditional clothing”, the first thing that comes to mind is kimono. Beautiful, embroidered clothing that influences many fashion trends and Western accessories, the kimono is worn in Japan to this day for special ceremonies. Dubbing the kimono as “traditional wear” in Japan is a misguided notion, especially from an outsider's perspective.

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The colorful fashion of Iran's most ancient village

Deep in Iran at the foot of Karkas Mountain lies a small village of less than 300 people. Known as the Red Village or Abyaneh. Tourists, historians, and Iranian natives flock to this village to be brought back to the physical and visual history of Ancient Persia. Time is frozen in this town. Everything from the red clay tiered houses, the culture and customs, the language (Parthian Pahlavi an ancient Iranian language), and most notably the women’s traditional garb have not been touched by modern times.

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