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Our best street snaps from Los Angeles Fashion Week

Los Angeles Fashion Week beckons an eclectic range of LA style tribes to gather for a week of sartorial celebration. One of our favourite fashion show producers, LAFW plays hosts to the some of the most stylish Angelenos and out-of-towners around, as well as showcase the latest LA designer talents. The funnest part about attending Los Angeles Fashion Week is seeing what get-ups everyone will be sporting and seeing the different styles collide for 5 days. See our favourites below in the slideshow of who stood out! 

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Art School Confidentials

Fashionable friends who wanted to experience LA Fashion week for the first time. They were shocked to realize they would be the most fashionable people there. One of them told me "I thought more people would dress up!" Don't worry kids you fashioned up the whole room on your own! Point of fashion: sweater vest, glasses, colorful printed shirt, dreadlocks.

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Cyber Beauties

LAFW street style. The most interesting dressers we met that day. In a sea of black they popped in pinks, greens, and futuristic cyber goth fashion. The two Korean boys are hair stylist and their friend is a sweet person who loves to dress up. Point of fashion: hair colors, long white tank, pink vinyl dress, makeup. - See more at:

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