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Reflekt Interiors: Muse Delphine Bedient's vintage abode

What makes our Muses so interesting is that their style and aesthetic encompasses all aspects of their life. Including their homes. Inside the adorable vintage abode of Reflekt Muse Delphine Bedient! Read her style story in Issue º10 Proper and check out her Muse profile here!

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Reflekt Muse: Delphine Bedient

Delphine Bedient is a writer and maker currently based in Portland, Oregon, USA.  She curates for the IPRC's Zine of the Month Club, makes jewelry, and works at the public library.  A book of her short fiction, Down and Out on a Yacht, was recently published by Two Plum Press.  She likes the color brown, writing in cursive and taking walks at night.  Read her style story here!

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