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Hey Parker Day exhibition at Super chief gallery

February 4th in the back alleys of the Arts district of downtown LA flurries of creatures from avant-casualists to Blitz kid incarnates gathered to the Superchief Gallery for the ICONS Parker Day exhibit. Every type of sartorialist on the fashion spectrum turned up to oggle her candy colored portraits as well as oggle each other.

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Reflekt Muse: Franz Szony

Elegant, poised, and infinitely inspiring. Franz welcomes us into his Swarovski encrusted world and regales us with tales from his Reno childhood running around the casino hotel his father managed to his peculiar photography process of combining old and new school techniques. Enthrall yourself into the glitz and glamour that is so apparent in his amazing photography work and gorgeous personal style. 

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Ted Polhemus and his book: Streetstyle. Why you gotta read this

I don't know about anyone else, but I love street style, it's real, it's creative, and it's original. One KING of it all is, Ted Polhemus, street style photographer, and overall fashionable bad ass. His work shows people that not every one dresses in jeans and a tee shirt! It has diversity, spunk, grittiness, and overall a colorful spectrum of fashion or anti-fashionable people.

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