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Reflekt Muse: Rahn B.

In a beautiful New Orleanian shot gun house lives Rahn Broady. A teacher, chef, gardener, and artisan he resides among his plants and herbs that seem to travel from his front yard to the rustic interior of his home. Organic branches extend from corners, vintage furniture and taxidermy line his walls. From interior design to the dinner plate he infuses his urban cowboy/gardener aesthetic to all visual forms including his wardrobe. Attaching real bird feathers to his trousers, bespoke tailored pieces, and jewelry made of real bones around his neck, he is the embodiment of an 1849 miner, voodoo king, and railroad tramp. Read his style story in Issue º13 Family out now!

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Reflekt Muse: Manrutt W.

Clash of proportions, extreme juxtaposition of multi-cultural sources of inspirations, and layers of contrasting patterns make up Manrutt Wongkaew, a chief visionary in fashion-performance who will soon be awarded a doctorate in fashion-dance studies in both practice and research. Bangkok boy turned London sartorialist who infuses fashion, art into every aspect of his life. 

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Reflekt Muse: Alfred Darlington

Oscar Wilde, Mr. Darcy, or Beau Brummell are a few comparisons to musician and often labelled dandy Alfred Darlington or also known as Daedelus. In his crowded sweat filled shows you will see him in full 3 piece regalia energetically dancing amongst his baseball capped and graphic t-shirted fans. 

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