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Reflekt Muse: Jamie Windust

We first met Jamie through our Reflekt Mag instagram Muse contest. Known as @leopardprintelephant on the instagram feeds, Jamie Windust captivated us with his colorful gender bending wardrobe and his joyous smile! A London boy who liberated himself through his style and honed his creativity through fashion and makeup tells us his story on how he wound up on his eclectic  path. 

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INTERVIEW: New York Fashion Week Debut WE ARE MORTALS at Dapper Q

Continuing with the idea of gender-free fashion, I went with the idea of fluidity and took my inspiration from dance. I used to study dance and just really love the art form, so for WE ARE MORTALS I've tried to collaborate with dancers a lot.

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Neon at Heart of Art Gallery

Heart of Art Gallery hosts many eclectic events that are dedicated to highlighting underrepresented lifestyles.  While the venue itself is nothing short of magic with art in every corner, the greatness of its events and art are on par with the mission of this venue: to create an organically uninhibited space for women, youth, and the LGBTQIA community that fosters a sense of belonging in South Los Angeles. 

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