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Starsica A/W 2018 Seirēn sings for a Mad King

Like a detective with my case running cold, I was trying to figure out what the story was being told before me. How do these seemingly off the wall elements connect- gold feather tops, glen plaid checks, and princess coats with arch wing reliefs? 

Inside the gilded Freemasons Hall in London, Starsica presented their Autumn/Winter 2018 collection named “Seirēn sings for a Mad King”.

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SOE Jakarta Autumn/Winter 2018 collection ‘The Unexplored Woman’

SOE Jakarta’s Autumn/Winter 2018 collection ‘The Unexplored Woman’ was heavily influenced by the life, style and work of American artist Georgia O’Keefe. The creative director and designer Monique Soeriaatmadja were inspired by the juxtaposition between the artist’s personal androgynous monochrome style and the vibrant and colourful paintings she produced.

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Day 3 LFW Esther Kubisz, Cimone, Luke Anthony Rooney, and House of Mea

I found getting out of bed on a Sunday early in the morning to be the most difficult, so I slept in instead. With luck though, when I did awaken and get out of the house, the first show of the day that I headed to was Cimone, which gave its audience a fantasy of past extravagance, paying homage to Alexander McQueen and religious catholic references.

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In the life: London Fashion Week '16 with Olivia Loeke Keelor! Part 2

as if by a magical zap of a laser beam I was in a space ship being taken to Clio Peppiatt’s planet of cosmic creation. Clio’s clothes are fun! The kitsch disco 70’s prints teamed with the ‘Jawbreaker’ high school vibe. Made me feel like a privileged partygoer…even the models were dancing with me! Clio is becoming noted for her leather mini skirt suits and psychedelic furs. And my god to do I want one.

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