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Kimono as Traditional Clothing in Japan?

When we think of Japan and the words “traditional clothing”, the first thing that comes to mind is kimono. Beautiful, embroidered clothing that influences many fashion trends and Western accessories, the kimono is worn in Japan to this day for special ceremonies. Dubbing the kimono as “traditional wear” in Japan is a misguided notion, especially from an outsider's perspective.

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Our Clothes Don't Always Reflect How Much Money We Make

When the Sapeur emerged, it is was prevalent during the early 1980s, specifically in the youth southern group of the Bacongo due to the unsuccessful progress in electing appropriate government positions. This became a ritualistic thing that would transform the youth in society from being a regular citizen to this “classy man”.

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Dreadlocks: A Hairstyle or does it mean something?

There's been a lot of conflict with the hairstyle like who is able to wear the style? Is it a negative style? So this got me wondering, what's the history behind dreadlocks? And why can't it be a hairstyle that is both a artistic expression, an appropriate grooming choice, or just a simply accepted hairstyle.

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