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Making of the Video: New Song By The Uhuruverse+Niko Suki+Dove A. Out Now!

The Uhuruverse is bringing you a high energy anthem with a pro-civil rights message to bring back the summer.  It's title, BASIC A$$ FAKE WHITE BYTCH, matches its good humor and lo-fi brilliance. Its delivery will have you raising your fist and shaking your ass to this punky ska dance party. 

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Dreadlocks: A Hairstyle or does it mean something?

There's been a lot of conflict with the hairstyle like who is able to wear the style? Is it a negative style? So this got me wondering, what's the history behind dreadlocks? And why can't it be a hairstyle that is both a artistic expression, an appropriate grooming choice, or just a simply accepted hairstyle.

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