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Ted Polhemus and his book: Streetstyle. Why you gotta read this

I don't know about anyone else, but I love street style, it's real, it's creative, and it's original. One KING of it all is, Ted Polhemus, street style photographer, and overall fashionable bad ass. His work shows people that not every one dresses in jeans and a tee shirt! It has diversity, spunk, grittiness, and overall a colorful spectrum of fashion or anti-fashionable people.

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Glam rock is my medication: The 70's splendor of the movie Velvet Goldmine

A colorful representation of David Bowie, with a slight twist, and mass amounts of sparkly eye shadow. My love for Bowie is strong, and this movie satisfies some of the imagery I've dreamt about. I tell this tale, for the fashion, the story, and theater that follows. 

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