Starsica A/W 2018 Seirēn sings for a Mad King

 photo credit: Deborah Smith

photo credit: Deborah Smith

Like a detective with my case running cold, I was trying to figure out what the story was being told before me. How do these seemingly off the wall elements connect- gold feather tops, glen plaid checks, and princess coats with arch wing reliefs?

Inside the gilded Freemasons Hall in London, Starsica presented their Autumn/Winter 2018 collection named “Seirēn sings for a Mad King”. Starsica designer Ike Seungik Lee, created a collection that was humorous with sophisticated finesse. The theme of otherness was prominent throughout - the mad king in his insane wonderland and the beautiful creatures that inhabited it.

Theatricality was a huge aspect of the show. More than walking coat hangers, each model transformed into characters. It was a treat eagerly awaiting to see how each model would move down the catwalk. Behaving like over the top vaudevillian actors dancing with bizarre twitches and winks; or floating like lost patients from an insane asylum with far-off gazes and gleaming plastic smiles that were both innocent and disconcerting. The fourth wall was broken as model sauntered down the catwalk waving at the audience, or creepily staring back at them. A mini performance with each look that added to the story of the collection.

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The tone was reminiscent of Alice and Wonderland with a lingering feeling that everything was slightly off. A hodgepodge of contradicting styles stitched together- sportswear mixed with classic tailoring. Eclectic meets elegant with pattern mixing and tactile layering. Contradictions were a prominent theme that whispered transitioning from girlhood to womanhood.

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