Grand Opening of SUPERDRY- Westfield Century City


*Model Bradley Soileau and Curator Nathaly Charria (pictured above) were both involved with Parker Day's SUPERDRY shoot.*

SUPERDRY is a worldwide outdoorsy brand that keeps you practical but cool, on the street or in the snow. The company began in Europe selling clothing influenced by Japanese and American fashion with a cult following. It wasn't long before the brand went beyond its base of London collegians. At the end of 2017, a new SUPERDRY location opened up at Westfield Century City- a place I dubbed a mall for single adults. In the midst of date-worthy restaurants and formal attire stores, SUPERDRY emerged to bring together street style followers from all walks of life together. We happened to be there on its opening event to take in the scenes of this spacious and aesthetically pleasing new store.

Parker Day.jpg

The shop had Parker Day in their arsenal for the store's showroom floor. Parker Day's fashion photography is largely displayed throughout, loudly featuring some local humans of interest in Superdry attire like Josephine Lee and Bradley Soileau. The brand prides itself for not succumbing to the use of huge celebrities to promote the brand, with the exception of English Actor Idris Elba. Many of the models featured in Parker's photos were there that night, seeing their photos large-and-in-charge for the first time. It was only a matter of time before a collaboration like this unfolded given the clamor over Parker's big photo series ICONS. When purveyors of fashion laid their eyes on that series, I'm sure they all saw the potential in the stunning display of personal style before them.


Reflekt Magazine was invited by the one and only GGeisha, organizer of the premiere, queer, fashion event in Los Angeles called Dripped. It's always a breath of fresh air among the occasionally fake LA scene, by bringing forth all the local talents in all their fringe-cultural glory.

Sexy Models.jpg

The brand attracted lovers of hip-hop fashion and sports athletic fashion as well as comfort fashion. SUPERDRY manages to turn items you would never wear out of the house into a look. Even the sweats were stylish, with two floors of athletic wear for all genders.


If your closet has its fair share of big puffy jackets and cross training shoes, you'll really love SUPERDRY. Everything is very beautifully designed and of good quality, meant to make you look like you're dressed up and going out with options fit for lots of different temperatures. The brand appeals to the ultra-street and ultra kawaii.