Amy Thomson AW 2018 Chasin' Dreams

amy thomson_reflekt magazine_london fashion week aw 2018

Children have a way of seeing the world through objective eyes. Naive to the politics of societal protocol they allow their imaginations to run wild and fill their future with hope and potential. You know when you’re a child and dream of what you will be when you grow up: should I be a doctor? A fireman? A pop star in space? 

In Amy Thomson’s Autumn/Winter 18 collection, she depicted professions unaltered through the child’s eye. The presentation was rose tinted with flashes of purples, magentas, and baby pinks. Textiles were at play with mixes of lush furs, metallics, and satin finishes with illustrations drawn by Thomson. The collection reminded me of life-size Barbie doll outfits and definitely every child’s dream wardrobe- if you had inclinations towards pink.

I wasn’t quite sure which professions were depicted, although I did notice a pop star and a princess due to the crown headpieces. I liked that the collection stated a child’s point of view, not a girl as that is what one would assume with the proliferation of pink and ponies. Exploring the nonrestrictive imagination of a boy or girl’s mind-why can’t a boy dream in pink? I’m sure there were many a lad who wanted to be a princess or a pop star. For me, this collection was more than clothes but harkening back to that innocent time where you dreamt big and no one could stop you. 

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