NO SESSO Fall/Winter 2017-18 Collection @ Ooga Booga #2

second pic no sesso.jpg

The real Los Angeles marveled over the designs from the NO SESSO Fall/Winter Collection a couple weekends ago. It was a chance for Ooga Booga #2 to host a pop up shop by NO SESSO in its lifestyle store, while simultaneously presenting the new designs by Pierre Davis to an adoring audience. Like a typical end of summer evening, the sun was still in the sky when the beautiful Angelinos started to saunter in. However, it was one of the best fashion shows of the year setting itself apart from anything ordinary. Under the auspices of Laura Owens, Gavin Brown, and Ooga Booga #2, guests thumbed through a host of ephemera (including Cali favorites such as designs by Wacky Wacko and a few issues of Apartameno Magazine), ate fruit, and lined every wall and seat with their budding curiosity. The in-store vibe in conjunction with the minimal and spacious gallery next door really were the perfect vessel to make the designs pop. The high attendance may have had something to do with NO SESSO's recent feature in I-D. However, I was pleasantly surprized that the Fall/Winter line went even more structural than some of Davis' previous work with equally exciting pops of color without missing a beat on the telltale, jaunty embroidery.

no sesso cover.jpg

The models walked on floor level, snaking through the winding catwalk, bringing us life with every flared pant leg and flowing tassel. The ensembles featured that night were enlivened by a combination of models, friends, and the LA art community who believe in Pierre's work, and see themselves as instrumental in forming an elevated fashion movement. 

colorful fur no sesso.jpg

Pierre believes in them in return and finds much inspiration in them as well as the California landscape. The pieces in fur seemed to be modeled after Salvation Mountain-- patterns next to patters forming one vibrant and cohesive work with beaucoup movement.

indian grl no sesso.jpg

Some of the more street-ready pieces still carried that larger-than-life appeal. The chunky skirt pictured above sported its frays with a new take on hoop earrings, pulling the outfit together with continuity of material and consistency of color palette.

bdy artcl no sesso.jpg

The textures were impressive and festive, combining prefab with handmade, comfortable, and unisex. The recurring tassels remind me of handlebar streamers on a child's bike or something on par with that kind of distant nostalgia that old memories hold.

idk no sesso.jpg

Though this fashion show was dubbed the "Tapestry of an Asteroid", it still utilized many earthen tones like the floor-length knitted piece pictured above. The detail in that denim seems so detail-oriented, but that is just one time-consuming but fascinating elements that the designer included, motivated by the challenge of "starting a big project and wanting to complete it."

snake jumpsuit no sesso.jpg

On the sidelines were local models, bloggers, photographers, safe space curators, and fashion designers of the day just feasting their eyes and giving their undivided attention to the NO SESSO show. The looks were met with a standing ovation as designer Pierre smiled ear to ear at the adoring gaggle that showed support that night. It was very heartening to see the people show up and deck out.