Boo Pala 'Symbols and Treasures' at London Fashion Week

We arrived to see Boo Pala's latest collection 'Symbols and Treasures' at London Fashion Week. An array of tactile embroideries and watercolored textiles were dipped in citrusy hues of punchy reds, lemon yellows, and soft greens and blues. The collection was colorful with subtle surrealist moments and boldly stood out against a simple white drop cloth with assorted fruits and tableware. The vibes of the presentation bring to mind the 1966 Czech-Slovakian new wave film Daisies- especially the dinner scene where the pleasure-seeking main characters ravenously ruin a Communists' feast. Check out the collection in its full glory below and while you're at it watch Daisies. It's an amazing.



Click below to see full collection