LFW Day 2: Hussein Chalayan & Alex S. Yu

We sent our London contributor Tymber Santos  to London Fashion Week this year with nothing but disposable cameras and a keen eye. Here is Day 2 of his LFW excursion!

Day 2 of fashion week was perhaps my most anticipated day, with an early morning invite to Hussein Chalayan, I was due to arrive at the show at 8am, as I’d need to wait outside for about an hour queue to get into the show. So in typical fashion, I did what any fashion enthusiast would’ve done and sacrificed sleep, getting only about 4 hours of sleep to only wake up at 5am, didn’t even have time to eat breakfast, as I just ran out of the house to take an hour train ride to Freemasons Hall in Angel. The show was held in an amazing theatre, never had I been to such a space for a show but of course fashion being so unexpected and full of surprises I could only go along with it and live for the moment really. The collection, surprisingly, was a lot more tame than the usual signature extravagance of Hussein Chalayan, as it was the designer's first show in London in many years (as he usually shows in Paris) I took an obvious note to the fact that all of his color pallets were dark and his shapes were bold. Focused on the pattern, it was cool to also see another reflection of London’s dark, gloomy, skies on the runway. 


Hussein Chalayan

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Alex S. Yu

With show 1 of the day done, I rushed off to breakfast with a few friends of mine, had an American style breakfast of buttermilk pancakes and green juice to replenish my body of any lost vitamins from running around all morning, then off to show #2, Alex S. Yu. A very special designer I found him to be, not only for his exquisite sporty aesthetics of this season, but also as a person. Alex, a guy whose inspiration came from dreaming, he dreamed of the influences outside of this world and dreamt of a Martian garden party for the season-my type of party to be honest. 

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