Jayne Pierson "SHE" A/W '17 collection with Tymber Santos

We sent our London contributor Tymber Santos  to London Fashion Week this year with nothing but disposable cameras and a keen eye. Here is Day 1 of his LFW excursion!

 Tymber Santos. Reflekt's London reporter and contributor.

Tymber Santos. Reflekt's London reporter and contributor.

Jayne Pierson started out studying performance art and styling various artists in the entertainment industry.The Welsh designer then transitioned from dressing musicians to her own namesake fashion brand. 

Inside a barren brick warehouse she integrated her love for theatricality and performance into her latest runway show, “SHE”. A straight-forward runway approach morphed into a millisecond photoshoot. Ballerinas pirouetting around tall lithe models in an industrial loft space created the urban feminine ambience. Delicate tulle fabrics paired with gritty graffiti print saturated in a pallette of baby pinks, blacks, and white created the quintessential London woman. Urban, feminine, and full of contradictions. 


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