Day 3 LFW Esther Kubisz, Cimone, Luke Anthony Rooney, and House of Mea

We sent our London contributor Tymber Santos  to London Fashion Week this year with nothing but disposable cameras and a keen eye. Here is Day 3 of his LFW excursion!

 Tymber Santos, Reflekt contributor

Tymber Santos, Reflekt contributor

Day 3 for me was a rough day, as I had been running around nonstop to shows for the last few days, with very little sleep and studying for class in between shows, I found getting out of bed on a Sunday early in the morning to be the most difficult, so I slept in instead. With luck though, when I did awaken and get out of the house, the first show of the day that I headed to was Cimone, which gave its audience a fantasy of past extravagance, paying homage to Alexander McQueen and religious catholic references. While later on that evening, I got a taste of a few middle eastern designers from House of Mea who took more traditional, cultural routes in their clothes and presentation. 


Esther Kubisz


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Luke Anthony Rooney


House of Mea