A toast to all things sex! Celebrating Reflekt's 14th issue at Other Books LA

A night of laughter with Andy Warhol body painting and slews of Pabst beer cans everywhere. We celebrated the 14th issue of Reflekt Magazine dedicated to all things sex. Inside the white cube space of Other Books LA an array of characters and Reflekt darlings came to the cool Boyle Heights bookstore to catch up with everyone's going-ons. Flipping through the pages of the latest issue some of our favorite models, designers, writers, and photographers came through to wish the magazine well.

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Cover star of Issue º14, model/designer, and hostess for the night Asma Kamara held a pop-up shop of her brand Eminent. The debut collection comprised of LA It-girl basics: comfy jumpsuits with sexy cutouts, Rihanna inspired wife-beater bodysuits, and strategically placed zippered body-con dresses that look like they would be hanging in a Quentin Tarantino villainess’s closet; all in lipstick red, cool grey, and white. We loved every piece and not to mention they are all on sale!

LA performance artist and Reflekt contributor Kayla Tange honored us with her homage to original Factory boy Andy Warhol. Wearing a white blonde wig, dark sunglasses, and fire engine red lips Kayla coolly sauntered around the space taking polaroids of everyone. At first no one took notice of the performance even happening (which made it even better) until she slowly peeled off her striped Breton sweater to reveal Campbell Soup pasties and devouring a banana. She then proceeded to pour paint over another banana on top of a canvas until the canvas turn into a Crayola splattered Pollock piece. Now standing like Botticelli’s Aphrodite topless with Campbell soup pasties, black trousers around her ankles and black fishnets, she invited viewers to join in on the fun and paint on her. A crowd quickly formed as people happily painted on her body, paint flying and smiles everywhere. 

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At the end of the night a lot of conversation and selfie taking took place, not to mention a raffle commenced giving away Lovability’s condom package of cute condoms and Fuck Boy spray, which model Tymber Santos gleefully won! A great evening filled with creative talents, amazing style, and of course awesome friends. Congrats to everyone who made Issue º14 possible!