Breaking the Barrier in the Korean Model Industry

16-year-old, Han Hyun-min, is a Korean-Nigerian Fashion Model in Korea. He started buzzing in the news and in the fashion world when he made his first debut at the fashion show in Seoul on March, 2016. Considering he had little prior modeling and walking experience, Han caught many people’s eyes because of his “unique” look. One person in the audience in particular was the president of SF models,  who is now the current agency that represents him.

He wanted to be a model since childhood. He could not afford modeling classes, so he practiced his walk by watching Youtube videos. Once getting into contact with the President at SF models, the agency made sure that he was to be trained properly in walking runways and portrayed a positive image in the fashion world.


Han has faced some discrimination because of his mixed background as many fashion designers in Korea don’t choose black models. When he does get picked up for shows according to the KoreaTimes, he states, “People would not talk to me backstage at fashion shows because they thought I didn't speak Korean. But once they learned I did, people started to gather around me and talk to me.”


He wants to be able to work in the fashion world as a model that doesn’t get the “you are so unique” look from people in the industry and audience.  His goal is to expand his career internationally. After modeling for GQ (Gentlemen's Quarterly) Japan, he specifically wants to work in Japan where he isn’t treated so differently.