Taking time and Putting Effort into Style

This is Style, Not Fashion and Style, two short films--they run about two minutes each--explores the definition of style. The first film, discusses the outerwear aspect of style while the other takes some stanzas from a poem by Charles Bukowski on style while playing an animation of a person making tricks on a skateboard--showing the act of style.

Defining words can be hard. It’s even harder when everyone has their own interpretation of a word’s meaning. In this day in age, where having the oh so lovely internet in the palm of our hands, we’re constantly changing the meaning of words-- expanding them and giving new meaning--often times confusing people.

Same goes for style. Not just the meaning of style but also the act of style. Often times, you will hear or even think to yourself “Wow, that person has style” or “that person has an interesting style.” We tend to hear these types of comments  around people who wear clothing that either stands out in a crowd or when someone does a simple task that is done quite differently than most.

Style, it isn’t fashion, it’s a look, it’s individuality....you can build, not because of fashion but from a range of periods…
— This is style, not fashion

We’re constantly bombarded with notifications on our phone about our friends or the celebrities posting a new snap of content that sort-of shows them expressing their “style” or some new thing they are recently into. This can sometimes interfere with our personal “style”  when we begin  to consume all of this content and then want to buy and mimic what others do. That turns into a common style or a “trend”. Even those who try to “rebel” against “trends” have fallen into this black hole of consumption and have also become “trendy”.

style is the difference, a way of doing, a way of being done.
— poet, Charles, Bukowski, featured in short film Style

There is a lack of effort in crafting your personal style. We don’t take the time to really truly understand ourselves. What we actually like and what we admire are instead something we  follow, something we heart, and save as a mental note for the next time we go shopping for something that ends up having a temporary appeal. Now don’t get me wrong, I'm not saying that we should take time to analyze everything we see and consume. Taking the time to understanding what our style is and crafting it (whether it is clothing or a hobby) reflects our individuality. In time, our interests change. That's normal, but our fast-paced consumption leaves us with little time to figure out what we really like. Not only is style a part of your appearance but it also an act, a craft and perfecting or being satisfied with your craft takes time.