Street Style Snaps From LAFW - Hardeman

Not only was it a fun and a great experience to see the new collections that are showcased during LA Fashion Week, but those who attend are a joy for us here at Reflekt. We love to spot them, talk to them and take their picture. Here are some street snaps taken while Hardeman was on the runway.

Spotted this cool look during the showcase. Paying an homage to the Hardeman's denim line, Orchid Satellite is wearing this denim on denim look from head to toe with her 80s inspired country get up. Maybe it was the Sailor Moon-bright yellow pigtails that distracted me from her denim boots( Love it!).

We've actually featured Ahji Halisi in some throwback LAFW events, but here he is again wearing a faux elephant tusk nose ring. We love running into him every time.

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Esther Perbandt Solanum W 2016/2017 LAFW show

 We Are Mortals wearing a jacket with the writings on the back that says, "We are mortals, We are Equal, We are one".

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The last snap of the night was with eyelovelu, a fashion stylist from Shanghai. Her red heels and yellow socks caught my eye immediately. Her outfit brought the whole night together, like icing on a cake.

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