How to Figure Out Your Style

Whether you want to understand your current personal style or change it up a little, here are some helpful tips on how to define your personal style.

Inspired by this Youtube video down below,  I took the opportunity to try to figure out what is my current style and  what colors I tend to wear or buy often.

The video is geared toward those who typically dress in a minimalistic style. Follow this format, only in as much as it's useful to you.

Here is the palette I created based on the colors I often where:

Main colors: These are the colors we often wear A LOT. The colors we coordinate with and buy in many shades. For me, I tend to wear black on black, black on grey, and blue on blue.

Neutrals colors: these are usually colors we often choose as our go to  tops and shoes. They are neutral so it will go with any color you choose as your main color.

Accent colors: Lastly, are the accent colors. So, these are colors that we love but don’t really wear as much. They act as either, something to spice up the main and neutral colors like shirts or bottoms to make the outfit pop a little, it can be the solid colors or the mix of colors in a patterned shirt or dress.

This palette isn’t supposed to be taken too literal. If you’re trying to simplify your wardrobe, then you can use this palette model to understand what color you tend to wear and whether to decrease or increase the colors you often wear. Or you can design a whole new palette of colors you don’t often wear, just to try it out.

After finding your color pallette, it’s time to define your style in three words. Instead, of pulling words from common fashion trends and styles,  here are three simple questions that can help you find your definitive words:

How do you want to feel when you’re wearing clothes? (sexy, edgy, preppy, tomboy, discreet, stand-out)

  • How you feel in the clothes is very important to understand. If what we wear makes us feel good, then style can be a gateway to finding our confidence.

What music do you often listen to ( like the ones you belt in the shower when no one’s listening)?

  • Music and fashion go hand in. Maybe you’re the listener who wants to reflect a style of fashion certain genres tend portray or you’re the artist reflecting your artistry and style that co-exist with the music making.

What is your  favorite era?

  • This may be an odd question to ask. We tend to be obsessed with a period of time in which a fashion trend existed and would try to emulate that in today’s time and in our wardrobe. Whether it’s past, recent-past, present, or future.

My three words are: Comfortable, Hip Hop and R&B ,The 90s. So my style looks sort of like this

Last thing to do is keep this palette and your three descriptive words somewhere and date your notes. It's likely you will change your style in the next month, next season, or next year. We will find interests in new things. There's nothing wrong with that. Also it would be a good memory book on how your styles has changed!