The Saint of Infection. A fashion/beauty film by Tymber Santos

Tymber Santos is a regular Reflekt contributor, model, and designer who is currently studying at the London College of Fashion. In his latest endeavor he has produced an enthralling film commenting on artificial beauty. 

The purification of beauty is made possible through the forces of nature. When the victims of a beauty infection becomes untreatable, they resort to nature to find purity within their souls, to be rescued by a beauty warrior who promises prosperity within the rebirth of their humane souls.

 From left: Tymber Santos,  Kaiyo (Alacarte Models) , Livvy Lightfoot

From left: Tymber Santos, Kaiyo (Alacarte Models) , Livvy Lightfoot

"The story was built off of a reaction to how I generally see society portraying beauty, so my mission was to create this warrior goddess of beauty to rescue these infected minds/victims to those whom fallen ill to this beauty infection. I want it to touch people. I want reactions from people. I did a gallery to provoke reaction and get feedback. The most touching feedback was from someone who said it made them more woke to this idea of there being a beauty infection in our world that is marketed to be hot, but what is it actually doing to our souls was what I wanted to discover and play with." -Tymber Santos

He even designed the clothes in the film. We loved the diaphanous colors of chiffon swaying over bulbous padding- and the nude body suit with red vein-like yarn swimming throughout the suit was amazing! Watch the film below and marvel and its disturbing beauty. 

Director of Photography: Megan Skender
Costume Designer: Tymber Newton
Make-Up Artist: Camilla Nicosia
Models: Kaiyo (Alacarte Models) ; Livvy Lightfoot
Soundtrack: Isabelle Barrass
Set Crew: Laura Jasiunate ; Lawrence Harrison ; Yousef Sabry