'Here and There' - Hint of History in Fashion

On February 20th at London Fashion Week, Portugese designer, Alexandra Moura, showcased her AW 17 collection called “Here and There”. Inspired by Portugal’s expansion during the eighteenth century, the collection displays the designer’s intent of fusing cultures to represent the expansion, by taking traditional fabrics and prints from the East Timor and Indonesia and recreating them into distorted contemporary pieces.


Subtle details like the frills placed on odd places, clash of different textures of fabrics, and using contrasting colors like the dark tone of blues and browns with  light and bright yellows and orange colors, looks as if you're looking ata negative picture, representing the distant memories and past history between Portugal the South East Asia.

It is Moura’s signature style and way to display her work by deconstructing these contemporary pieces and then putting in those subtle details that represents both European Romanticism and ethnic clothing.

At a first glance, and if you’re don’t much about history and the European expansion, this collection might appear to you as just new contemporary fashion pieces with a tweak to it. You may not understand what that tweak is but if you know Moura’s collections and where she gets her inspiration from then you will understand how cleverly done this collection is.

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To learn more and see Alexandra Moura's Work:

Website: www.alexandramoura.com

Instagram: Alexandra Moura