A Natural Approach to Lingerie for Valentine's Day?

Alright, well Valentine's day is tomorrow (or Single Awareness Day) and people are scrambling around to buy chocolates and gifts for their significant others, or for themselves (nothing wrong about self love). It's also a great time for lingerie departments in boosting up their sales. But instead of the standard, lacey, racey, see through garments and fun gags that's now sort of a normal thing in fashion to wear with causal clothes. But how about trading in those complicated and uncomfortable contraptions to something that's naturally made in the US and hugs your all your body curves right?

Pansy, is an organic cotton underwear company created by Laura Schoorl and Rachel Cory that is grown here in North Carolina then flown to San Leandro, California to be sewn and then sold on their website. Take a look below of some of their garments.

Whether you're looking for alternative lingerie that's more environmentally and ethically conscious or you're just looking for new and comforatble things to wear well Pansy might be just for you!

Check out their instagram for more photos!