Five Things you Didn't Know about "It" Girl, Adwoa Aboah


Ghanaian British model, Adwoa Aboah, is undoubtedly making waves in the fashion industry. From the abundance of high-profile catwalk show appearances during September 2017 Fashion week and her array of magazine features, my favourite being the i-D creativity cover, it would be oblivious not to recognise her distinct buzz cut and chanel logo adorned front tooth. 


Here are five things that may surprise you about our latest girl crush:

1. Aboah suffered from substance abuse and drug addiction during her teenage years. The model recalled doing drugs on a “daily” basis, particularly ketamine, a severe drug used as a horse tranquilliser. The full interview can be watched here.

2. She is the founder of “Gurls Talk”- an online platform created to enable the liberal and open discussion of issues that are often overlooked and hidden in the 21st century society. It has been praised and recognised by large digital platforms such as British Vogue.

3. Aboah opened up about her personal battle with self-love. Admittedly, she makes a conscious effort daily to combat self-hate, despite all of the accolades she has impressively received.

4. The activist has recently taken on the outstanding role as Vogue’s contributing editor. At Reflekt, we cannot contain our excitement for what she brings to the Condé Nast platform!

5. On a lighter note, the LFW 2017 Topshop runway model just so happens to be best friends with Cara Delevingne, former model of the year, and has a matching tattoo with the bushy browed icon!