Reflekt Muse: Def Sound

Describe what your childhood and upbringing was like. How many siblings do you have? Mom? Dad? Where were you born?

Greetings, my mother named me Emmanuel Ashley Ricketts, I named me Def Sound aka Definitive Sound, fka Twigs I mean Deffery, born Aug 1984. I feel like a new person everyday.

My childhood feels like it’s still happening. We’re just ancients disguised as children. As a 6 or 7 year old person I liked talking to adults, adults seemed more interested in my ideas and views as a child so I spent most of my young years at church and talking to older people about beliefs. I was a quiet kid around other kids, kids were weird and predictable to me. I had friends, mostly not from my school though. I grew up in what some white people call an authentic neighborhood, so I didn’t walk too many places, so my mom and dad were my Uber everywhere. So I grew up being in my environment but not being of my environment. I spent a lot of time with my mother (She quit her job to home school me and teach me how to read from 1st - 3rd grade.) I spent a good amount of time entertaining myself in grocery stores, pretending I was walking on lava. It was all a show I wrote, directed, and starred in. I always played all the characters, and every episode continued every time I had time by myself. Some of my favorite times are before I knew what limitations were. I grew up with my father telling me that the word “can’t” is a bad word, and to never use it. Sorry dad. 

What is your profession?

I am an artist, I am a friend.


Do you have any hobbies?

I find my hobbies to be becoming passions. Currently I’m dabbling in culinary arts, algorithmic image editing, laughing more, listening to FULL albums all thee way through, fantasy football and basketball, alchemy, flossing my teeth, fabric swatch collecting, finding functional herbs, and one of my newest passions is meeting new people. People are more fun when they are new.

How did your style develop?

Overtime. Yea that’s my answer, lol. I’m just the kid that wore a uniform his whole life and finally gets to dress himself ! So once I was out of high school my style was more aggressive, and provocative. Nothing matched, every piece was a different pattern. I wanted to wear my whole closet at once if I could. Naturally taste levels expanded, and I started dressing more conceptually, like getting dressed according to the music I was listening to that day. I would dress however my day sounded. I used to dress Neo-Retro. Now I feel I am more into accents, actual texture, fabric, cut and quality. I’ve never been driven by brand names. 


How do you think people react to your style?

I hope positively. I hope my style and presence is improving my environment.


Was there a point or time when fashion or dressing clicked for you?

The moment I found out what everyone was doing in front of that weird store on La Brea every Sunday morning. Jet Rag $1 Sunday’s changed your boy’s life. As far as my hair goes, it has been a reflection of my personal journey. When my life changes so does the shape of my crown. The past two years have been inspired by thee cast of the 90’s classic Juice. Intense film for intense times.

Do you have any rules for yourself about dressing that you wouldn’t really recommend to others?

I don’t know what I wouldn’t recommend. I follow instincts more than I follow rules. WAIT, there is one rule no white socks, maybe in thee privacy of your own home with your yoga pants on or something. When it comes to outer wear, dress thee way you see yourself, I highly recommend that.


Have you stolen, borrowed, or adopted any style, fashion ideas or physical items form friends or family?

Absolutely. One of the sweaters I wore today is my mother’s from the 80’s. My mom was a stylish woman who always knew. My dad would be thee closest thing to what I would call Panamanian Post Goth. Meaning my father just wears all black. He always said black is the sharpest thing anyone can wear, it always looks good. My dad has been ahead of his time for some time now. The fruit don’t fall far from the Apple Store.

What would be your advice or words of wisdom to our readers about life or fashion?

Let your confidence confuse them, and your inner spirit move them.

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