Oh, Japan! You never cease to surprise me in fashion tastes and trends. Particularly the art of Zentai, which is short for Zenshin Taitsu is using a full blown body suit which covers you literally from head to toe leaving the wearer with no idea who is wearing the suit. The suit which is made of spandex and sometimes other materials such as cotton  is called Lycra. It all started in the 80's when photographer Marcy Anarch introduced the full body suit looks while shooting some photos for a new project she was working on. This fashion trend not only covers a person from head to toe leaving a secretive, "who's in that suit?", but also makes the Zentai users feel relief in a society that demands conformity. However, Zentai can mean a lot to different people such as a fetish, or feeling like a superhero to really just wanting to fill liberated.

Among the Zentai subculture, the dating is very low key. It truly represents the aspect of blind dating, because you truly have no idea who you are talking to.  


Not much is known about Zentai due to the small subculture that has about 3,000 people in the community, but I am sure it will grow just like everything else.