The Creator

It is all within his name, Tyler, The Creator. The man started up growing up skating in Los Angeles with his group of friends, and eventually started Odd Future. His eccentric attitude about not giving a fuck about anything, or anyone, won the hearts of many millennials and kids from the 90's. At only 25 years old, Tyler has won three awards, hosted a music event called Camp Flognaw that goes on every year, hosted a fashion show, and creates all the art for his merchandise. Tyler's fame started through his Yonkers music video where he is seen eating a ROACH, yes a ROACH. From that music video, his life would basically change forever, changing the scene as well.

Although, I can talk about how Tyler's music must be the dopest due to him performing with some of the best artists such as Kanye West, Kali Uchis, and Frank Ocean. He must be the fashion king of this generation. Fashion was dull before Tyler came into the picture, this man, a true fashion icon, sticks to having his clothing having his personality by "wearing whatever the fuck I want to wear" along with his not giving a fuck about anything personality. His outfits range from wearing other brands such as Supreme, to his own clothing line called Golf.


The world of fashion needed someone like him, who does things because it makes him happy, and it fits who he is as a person. Not giving a fuck is the best advice and inspiration a person can have. The western world that we live in today is still very unaccepting about certain fashion trends, which is why a majority of people dress the same, just visit any college campus or mall. Fear of being judged, fear of not looking good in a certain outfit. Once a fear is conquered, things can be changed. Fashion is suppose to be fun, and no one wants to dress like everyone else, or else we would all look like people of Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhand's that all dress and look the same. I hope the world can learn from Tyler, or people similar to him, how to express yourself, because that is the true essence of fashion.