What marked the Chinese influence on fashion

As we approach the dawn of the Chinese New Year, we’re still in high spirits from the festivities amongst a haze of political unknowns. Let’s usher this new beginning with ancient rituals and ensure every moment is lived with purpose and drive.

  Linda Evangelista by Nick Knight for Christian Dior F/W 1997

Linda Evangelista by Nick Knight for Christian Dior F/W 1997

According to the Chinese calendar, 2017 marks the year of The Rooster, which is the tenth in the Chinese zodiac. Each year is correlated to an animal sign, that runs through a 12-year cycle. This follows an element theory categorizing each year with one of the five elements, making 2017 a Fire Rooster. Fire to glimmer change, hope and renewal.

 Gucci Fall 2016 RTW

Gucci Fall 2016 RTW



derived from the French word Chinios meaning ‘Chinese’. A pan European phenomena that gave way to replicate the exoticism of the East in local artistic translations. From the earliest exchange with China in the sixteenth century, there was an element of fascination that needed to be demystified. What began as a trickle of curiosity in the West made way for exquisite luxury Chinese imports of fine objects and silks, responding to an increase in market demands for fashionable novelties and the hasty rise of ritualized tea drinking as a national pastime across all spectrum of class (and society).

“The West has been enchanted with enigmatic objects and imagery from the East, providing inspiration for fashion designers from Paul Poiret to Yves Saint Laurent, whose fashions are infused at every turn with romance, nostalgia, and make-believe. Through the looking glass of fashion, designers conjoin disparate stylistic references into a pastiche of Chinese aesthetic and cultural traditions” (China: Through the Looking Glass, Exhibition Overview- Metropolitan Museum NY).



‘Made in China’.

A familiar trademark branded on almost all of our day to day items and apparel thanks to globalization and the domination of Chinese manufacturing leading the way from luxury, to replicas, high to low end fashion on all spectrums of the scale.

China has historically been branded the mecca for textiles and fine silks, where almost all brands congregate for the Chinese craftsmanship and affordability. Despite the influx of international companies and influence, China remains to honor its roots, being at the forefront of innovation, style and a ground for sacredness.

  Christian Dior F/W 1997

Christian Dior F/W 1997

Reflekt loves to impart niceties to preparing a fine themed party. In case you didn’t have a great New Year’s, this will be a great redo and the perfect excuse to paaarty! Saturday marks the first day of the Year of the Rooster, sparking festivities around the world in honor of the Chinese lunar New Year. Let us help you set the theme for a colorful evening;

1)    Inspirations are endless, you don’t need to look far to find an exquisite silk dress, preferably in red (fire) or blue for a calmer look.

2)    Or an embroidered (vintage, ideally) piece to accompany a subtle outfit

3)    Think golds, jade and reds accents

4)    Simplicity is key with make-up. Keep it low key with a red lip/gloss, hair in a bun and that’s that.

5)    Indulge in notable delicious cuisine at the tip of your finger to phone. Take out, yes!

6)    Serve that into a ceramic chinoiserie bowl, and voila!

7)    Don’t forget the fortune cookies to continue the conversations