Cleopatra: Queen of Egypt. Bow down

There is no doubt that people have cared about how they looked since clothing came around after we were walking with fur pelts to wearing clothing from materials like cotton. The higher the power, the more fabulous you looked, and the more you influenced people. 

For example, look at Kylie Jenner, and the hundreds of girls who want to look like her.  Or any sex symbol that women and men become charmed by leaving us with a movie about her portrayed by the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor in 1963. Born as the first Macedonian Greek to ever speak Egyptian, Cleopatra would have made Kylie Jenner in B.C times look like a joke with how much power and influence this woman had. At only 17, Cleopatra took the throne, and became one of the most powerful rulers Egypt had ever known. With a woman ruling such a powerful nation, she changed Egypt forever politically, fashionably, and the beauty game. 

It's All For Show

Although it is debatable how gorgeous Cleopatra really was, she was very intelligent and knew how to rule. She was a modern day celebrity, with even referring to herself with the goddess Isis. She traveled a lot and spoke many languages, and when appeared for an entrance, she gave a performance. According to the story, when Cleopatra was about to meet Caesar, she was delivered to his bedroom hiding in a rolled rug. When the merchants unrolled the rug, she tumbled out and presented herself, beginning a romance with one of the most powerful men on the planet. A lot of what we know of her is through the Romans, some which could be true, while some information that may be a Myth. Cleopatra is seen on coins, showing masculine features such as a a large, hooked nose, intentionally portraying herself with masculine features as a display of strength. 

Power Dressing
Cleopatra skillfully combined both Greek and Egyptian elements in her wardrobe as a strategic political move.  Usually wearing her hair wound up in a bun in the back. Her hair texture is apparently naturally curly, and probably also used ceremonial wigs that we associate with Egypt that are adorned with gold, turquoise, and decorated with snake diadem or carnelian. Cleopatra dressed for whatever location she was going to, in Egypt she wore traditional Egyptian clothing which is usually made of linen. This linen would then be made into a shear dress, skirt, and a lot of jewelry. In Rome, she would be wearing Roman Garments that were usually ankle-length tunics that were either made from cotton, linen, or Chinese silk. She was a huge fan of pearls, and even drank them for she believed it brought her good fortune. She encrusted them in her shoes, throughout her clothing, jewelry and even into her hair. Along with accessorizing with pearls, she wore bold accessories such as large flat neck pieces, and the traditional Egyptian headdresses. 

Beauty Regimen Her beauty rituals have been marketed and can be found with a simple google of, Cleopatra's beauty routine. Her regime is notoriously known for 'her beauty', or how organic it is, and how her routines are actually good for our body (such as the goat milk bath). Being in Egypt she was introduced to their amazing beauty regime that the Egyptian royals would use. She would often bathe in goat milk and honey due to her belief of making her skin stay soft. Rose water was Cleo's go-to toner, the process of making this was steam-distilling the crushed petals of roses, with the result of making skin soft and smooth. She was also a fan of makeup, by using Kohl eyeliner to extend the line of the eye and powdering the lids with green crushed malachite. Giving the eyes a lot of attention, showed the importance of the eye (ex: eye of horus). Although the kohl liner looked amazing, it turns out that the ingredients used in the Kohl actually protected wearers from certain eye diseases. 

Cleopatra far looked like the woman that Elizabeth Taylor portrayed, and although she was probably very charming and alluring to men, she was more than that. She was a woman who spoke many languages, ruled an entire nation, had outstanding confidence, knew how to impress people, and knew how to take care of herself as a woman in power.