In the life: London Fashion Week SS'16 with Olivia Loeke Keelor! Part 1

Reflekt contributor, Phussy founder, and London eccentric stylist Olivia Loeke Keelor took us along her adventures of London Fashion Week SS16'. Let's see what our colorful rabbit has gotten herself into this season!


So out of nowhere it was London Fashion week and I had nothing to wear. Throwing on quite literally an all red rhinestone ensemble complete with snake skin boots and a cowboy hat. I began my journey at the Hotel Café Royal. And oh my good god what a hotel, its high elaborately decorative ceilings competing with the mirrored walls made for the ideal setting to be sucked into Ong-Oaj Pairam’s world of adventure.

Ong-Oaj Pairam.jpg


As the larger than life dresses adorned with butterflies and feathers flew down the catwalk. I some what forgot I was sat on a rainy island in the middle of a very angry sea. It was as if I was exploring through a micro-scope a tropical undiscovered world of clothes. It was as if Ong-Oaj Pairam the creator had gone to a remote part of the rainforest in the 1800’s to discover rare never seen before clothes. Only for his archive in the 1960’s to be stolen and customized in the ateliers of Paris, never to be seen again. Until now that is. You had an over whelming feeling that you were being let into the creators umbrella…and it was one you wanted to keep.

I followed the scent of cheap champagne and well placed oeuvres to end up at Manuel Facchini’s perfectly choreographed presentation. The models weaved and whined and were completely in sync. As if to say black and white was made for each other. He illustrated this further by pretty much doing his complete collection in black and white. I needed some colour…