In the life: London Fashion Week '16 with Olivia Loeke Keelor! Part 2

And as if by a magical zap of a laser beam I was in a space ship being taken to Clio Peppiatt’s planet of cosmic creation. Clio’s clothes are fun! The kitsch disco 70’s prints teamed with the ‘Jawbreaker’ high school vibe. Made me feel like a privileged partygoer…even the models were dancing with me! Clio is becoming noted for her leather mini skirt suits and psychedelic furs. And my god to do I want one.

Inspired by the colourful celestial sphere from the previous day, I adorned myself in Dior. A floor sweeping Fred Flinstone yellow fur coat, and a green fluffy Mohawk. I found myself yet again surrounded by beautiful geniuses with the same passion of fashion burning away at their fingertips.

The large marble hall of the Freemasons was boasting upcoming ambitious designers. Here I saw what fashion was really about. Not about money but about craftsmanship and the desire to create a spectacle. Down stairs there was a team of young blood sparkling fun, from Krasimira Stoyneva’s hairy striped coats to Typical Freaks bone yard fluro organza. There was fun to be had in these clothes. But there was also the looming reminder of how fucked up everything is. That was illuminated perfectly by Mehle’s suspended caught in the act orange jumpsuit.


I took my little red boots up the cascading stair-case to be invited into a larger than life piece of contrasting art, the 9-5 mind couldn’t begin to timetable in. Here I got speaking to Milena Konakchieva whose work was dresses being birthed by huge vintage Mary Poppins style bags. It gave me the realization that was fashion! Our treasured outfits come in little bags that we swing around with pride until we open them up and we make them come alive. Milena’s unrealistic reality was the perfect example of this.