In the life: London Fashion Week '16 with Olivia Loeke Keelor! Part 3

After spending the last few days being a well-dressed loner, I was relieved to have a call from my friend to say I’d be attending the Marques Almeida show. Unless you have really bad wifi, you’ll know that Marques Almeida reinvented the starch formation and created ‘posh denim’. As the models paraded through the ‘you need to knows’ I was in awe of the relaxed unhemmed two pieces. They gave the relaxed vibe as if they had been washed up on the shore of a white-sanded beach. The pavement outside was a runway of Marques Almeida’s actual muses all perfectly unhinged and harboring pieces that are an invite only. 

I then found myself in the seedy streets of Soho being snapped. What else was I to expect…wearing two hats, broken boots found in the Nevada desert and four different types of animal print I was a showcase in myself. Here I found Kim a retired accountant from Malaysia. Kim was a fashion fan and he wore it. In his vintage fur coat he shouted out "Wear what you want and wear it well!"

Up the ramp of the carpark and through the crowd of wannabes, I found myself accompanied with two anti fashion, beer-loving mancunians. In the show of all show rooms. Past the pompous bored vendors I began to seek. I stumbled across the miniature Tracy Rose, whose hats (and nails) are bigger than her. Rose’s hats are 100% British, they embody the honey of our humor.

Wearing two hats a simple move of conscious faux-pas-ery I threw the cat amongst the pigeons whilst some embraced the sardonic manipulation others struggled to compute it. An outraged milliner even asked me to step away from their “been done a million times before” over priced collection. While others like Zoe Sherwood invited me in with open arms. Zoe and her assistant who were clearly equally in love with her work confidently showcased the delicate immigration of someone who really cares.

Almost forgetting I had two hot males in tow, my senses were quickly alerted by the catcall of a swooning tourist. I grabbed my season's must have accessories and strutted my way to the snug of a pub to undress…in style of course.