An Anti-Fashion Poem to London Fashion Week by S.S.Wall

What's in the box?


Somebody has put something in my drink -

half these people are pink squealing pigs,

and the other half havent moved an inch.


But the manakins that move sure look fine,

they try just as hard to ignore the ordeurves as they do

to snipe the free sparkling wine.


These egos can exist in a vacuum,

especially in the mirrors of bathrooms.

Things are getting serious this week in london see -


Guantanamo detainees can piss for free

but when even Vivienne's on the tube she got to pay 20p.

Why do we rejoice in others imperfections,


but despise our very own? Everyone deserves flaws,

everyone is thinks they are the pigeon in the cage of peacocks

but when it comes down to it

everything and everyone

including it's creator

lives inside the box.