Wigan's World

Mark Wigan is an English born contemporary visual artist recognised internationally as an influential illustrator and a pioneer of urban art in London, New York and Tokyo during the 1980s. His work explores and responds to anthropology and subcultures and he is the co founder and curator of The Museum of Club Culture in Hull with artist Kerry Baldry. Wigans approach is interdisciplinary crossing fine art, illustration and urban art and his prolific output includes regular international gallery exhibitions, live painting performances, theatre and television set design, animation, public art commissions, exhibition curation and mural painting. Wigans idiosyncratic pictorial language employs diagrammatic simplicity to create artworks that ignite a primal resonance for the viewer. A prolific artist his distinctive body of work demonstrates a commitment to the power of the imagination and the compulsion to draw. Wigans paintings and drawings are held in private and public collections worldwide and have been described as signposts to the ancient past from the beginning of language itself to a visual anthem for the information overload of the 21st Century.

Current projects include a collaboration with Dr Martens, a collection of boots, shoes, t shirts, and backpacks for Autumn/ Winter 2015 featuring prints of his artwork.Since the 1990s he has lectured in Illustration and graphic design at many universities in the UK including University of the Arts London and Salford University and is the author of six books on Illustration published by Fairchild Books (Bloomsbury Publishing). Clients have included Limelight Club, Time Out, Astoria Theatre, Kensington Market, Scala Cinema, i-D Magazine,Dr Martens, NME, Circulo des Bellas Artes Madrid, Nagoya City Expo Japan, Parco Gallery Japan, Swatch, Panasonic, Toshiba, Virgin, Levis, Fuji TV, Deviant Records, 20 Stories High Liverpool, The Southbank Centre London.

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