The low-down secret from L.O Class Art

An Art Fashion Brand DIY Movement, based on the belief in the labour power of the artist and the acknowledgment of truth in the creative process. A custom Art Fashion company that designs and creates one of kind custom pieces for your wearing pleasure. Think For Yourself! 

First met Leen O. at the Dripped fashion fest during LA fashion week. A sweet and determined person who's killer on a sewing machine! With an energetic and fun approach to clothes I can easily see her stuff being paraded by London Club kids and fashion darlings alike. We have a chat with the LA designer and what drives her brand L.O Class art.


Describe the idea and philosophy behind L.O Class art?

L.O. Class art was based on the fact that I have always felt like somewhat of an underdog and part of the lower class ( working class). The L and the O are also my initials, Leen O. My whole life I have had a strong urgency to create and I have always known that to be a true artist, I need to work and I need to work really hard. I believe in the true grit and grime of what it takes to create. I choose the hard way to do things because that struggle and that fight is what really shines through in good work. And its really the expansion of social media, specifically Instagram that fueled my fire to actually start L.O.Class Art. Instagram is a great tool for artists, but I also know it is one thing that is truly starting to ruin the integrity of art. I feel like since its so easy to make your name off social media, that it lets anyone and everyone be an "artist", the "easy" way. Through this surge of media in your face everyday , you become numb and apathetic, and will be eventually disregarding true artists.


What has been the weirdest part of the process for you when creating a collection?

The weirdest part of the process is watching my original vision I had morph into something else. Art takes an idea and a driving force of energy from yourself, and then it is as if creation occurs on its own. Its a natural thing that is really beautiful and organic, when you start you have nothing and by the end  you cannot even fathom how this art sprouted from your own hands. Its like magic and its addicting.

 Leen O. the designer

Leen O. the designer

What's your next collection gonna be about?

My next collection is based in surrealism with a strong Retro 60's influence with PUnk/DIY Undertones. A lot of my work is hand painted and one of a kind. This collection is meant to put the viewer in a parallel universe . Im not focusing on the seasons of fashion nor whether or not this is a ready to wear collection. I like to leave these thoughts up to the viewer. My work is meant to let people Think For Themselves, i want to inspire  more creation not put my work into a category or trend for people to follow. These pieces are meant to be walking art and are based on destroying the trend forecasts and fashion rules.

What is the quintessential L.O. Class Art guy or gal?

The quintessential L.O. Class Art guy or gal is someone that "Thinks for themselves". Someone who does not turn to social media for inspiration, but rather looks to his/her environment and soul for inspiration. This person respects art and fully understands and feels the energy put into art. This  person understands why art is so important to our world and sees how it is the most basic unifying part of humanity. This person wears whatever they want because they love it and want to look how he/she wants to look. This person does not wear clothing based on what is "in fashion".  This person wears clothing based on how they want to be perceived in the world according to his/her own energies, actions, and inspirations.