Sav Noir 'The Moto" A/W 16

We sent our page NYC Reflekt staffer, Kali Concepcion, our rock child and uber talented page designer to the Sav Noir presentation during New York Fashion Week. We featured Sav Noir in the latest issue of Reflekt, in issue º13 Family and we instantly became in love with his dark aesthetic. Not only is he a true craftsman but also repping LA and showing the REAL talent that lurks underneath the hollywood star dust. This her account of that night.

photo by Sav Noir IG

We arrived to the event a little later on after work so we may have missed introductions or anything like that. I think the attitude of Sav Noir was perfectly captured from the event space to the beautiful and fashionable people, all visibly different, that attended. It was an open gallery space, chic yet industrial and dark. It included two rooms, one more of a viewing space and the other was a small bar, Jack Daniels was sponsoring the event so that was a plus. The first room displayed hanging photos of the collection in classic Sav Noir fashion, all monochromatic with a hint of nostalgia for the rebellious 70s and 80s. The model resembled the androgynous and gritty beauty of rock stars such as the Ramones or Mick Jagger in perfectly fitted pants paired with statement jackets and blazers i wish i had. He was in various dark, ambiguously casual settings such as a bar and in a room with only an electric guitar which was quite the accessory for him. This offbeat character they seem to be depicting is mature but untamed and glamorous but gritty, illustrating the alternative subculture brought together that night and still growing. Overall this event was an environment not lacking in community, artistry and diversity bound to leave anyone inspired.

See more of the collection on their Instagram here