Fashion Has No Gender

Fashion has been a form of self-expression that displays a reflection of social issues and changes, and it’s obvious when there’s an epochal change of thought. For years, fashion has been a competition, it seems as though there’s someone dictating what’s considered to be fashion and not. There’s a difference between clothing and fashion, and fashion’s future has no gender, because fashion is a reflection of social issues and changes, and as a society we are learning to accept gender fluidity. From a cultural perspective the whole point is to change the notions of what it means to be masculine and feminine, but more so human than anything else. 

The LA-based clothing line known as 69 embodies the idea of a genderless non-demographic brand, creating clothes that fit the body of each person wearing them, fitting uniquely to every individual. The clothing is relaxed and made up of easy to wear pieces with a sporty feel. The oversized dresses, draped denim, relaxed jeans, and tunics are modeled by both men and women, and no piece is meant for one gender. We see a lot of denim pieces from their line, mainly because denim is can be worn by anyone, it’s timeless and a universal fabric that can be dressed in anyway. 

Their newest Fall/Winter 2016 collection manifests freedom and an energetic message. 69 has designed a number of amazing pieces, including the “whatever dress”, an oversized dress with a front pocket, the “cocoon dress”, a comfortable and upscale wrap that can be worn as a shirt or dress, and many more interesting pieces. I consider the “mop head” to be the statement piece of the collection, it’s a face mask made up of fringed denim resembling dread locks. The masks make it easier for the models’ genders to be anonymous while also displaying a carefree attitude and adding to the craft of the designer. Twists, ties, loopy fringe, loose-fit trousers, and oversized blazers are all classic for 69, but we’re seeing bursts of color that give the original denim a different dimension. As we’ve seen, most brands struggle to maintain a specific trait that is unique and special to them while also figuring out how to evolve and diversify their looks every season. It’s refreshing to see a clothing line like 69 that really embraces an unbiased audience with interchangeable statement pieces.

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Photography: Christine Hahn