DEDCOOL review: I died from coolness.

Discovered DEDCOOL in the utmost millennial way-through Instagram. At the time they had less than 100 followers but the pictures, products, and packaging intrigued me.

Founded and created by Carina Chazanas, a 21 year old entrepreneur born in LA. She has a history in the fragrance world that began in 2010 with her debut line, Carina Chaz. The line held four unique roll-on fragrances in a biodegradable base, later expanding to carry matching natural body products and  signature Shea butter lip balms. CarinaChaz (featured in Teen Vogue and Seventeen Magazine) became a launching pad allowing Carina the opportunity to participate in creating Immortal Twilight, the official scent of the Twilight Saga.

Since then Carina has been cultivating a knowledge of counter culture and sophisticated fragrance profiles. Her tendency to push the boundaries coupled with her dedication to natural, high quality ingredients has been a driving force in the development of DEDCOOL.

"We've created scents that speak volumes about their wearer. I was striving for a line that is edgy and chic, current while gender neutral." - Carina Cha

The brand presents 9 products that blend the line between high-end fragrance and stability. It believes in educating the consumer about potentially harmful ingredients they may apply each day and offers a healthy alternative. 

Dedcool is an LA based vegan, cruelty-free, and unisex cosmetics brand. Not only is the name super cool but the products are thoughtful and edgy. For the stylish human who also cares about the crap that goes into their skin. We were graciously gifted with a few of their Shea butter lip balms and unisex perfume and this is what we thought of them!

The lip balms were in three flavors: vanilla, mint, and sugar. In Carina's signature Shea butter formula the balms are great as its organic, makes my lips super soft, and glistens like a glosswithout feeling disgusting like a lip gloss. My personal favourite is the sugar one. It's smells sweet with a light taste that isn't overpowering like candy flavored lip balms you get from Claire's. Mint is my second favourite for the fresh scent and slight tingleness and vanilla smells like vanilla but light and joy overpowering. So if you're the type that loathes highly flavored lip stuff then you will like their lip balms.

The fragrance 01 I loved! I still use it as we speak. It's a savory sweet scent that is light, but aromatic. It's not like Bath and Body Works sugary sweet which I detest. It has a lingering affect which I adore in fragrances. I hate it when people can smell you a mile away. Only the people you choose to get that close to you can smell your sweet sweet scent. It's great on a guy too as its not girly at all. 

I'm definitely a confirmed fan of Dedcool. I like that they care what they put in their products, they don't test on animals, and the ingredients are all organic and good for you. They have cool gender neutral packaging and I just really really like their brand. It has that irreverent quality of cool that everyone tries to attain, but Carina has definitely mastered, and bottled it in her wonderful products.


You must get this stash. A cool underground brand that every Reflekt guy, gal, and in-between stylish creature will love!