Chic and Smooth: A review of Vapour Organic Beauty

On the hunt for smooth, organic, chemical free beauty products? Well, Vapour Organic Beauty has got you covered!

This week I had the pleasure of testing out two products by Vapour.

As someone who strives to walk upon this earth as lightly as possible, I tend not to purchase a ton of beauty products.  Plus, as someone with sensitive skin it is hard to strike a balance between good for the earth and good for my face. But, Vapour has put out products that are amazing for both.

First off, each package lists all the great things these products contain.

"100% natural, chemical free, made with wind power, no animal testing, inner and outer packaging recyclable"

It's hard to beat a list like that.  But, I would argue that the quality of the products inside that wonderful list is even more surprising.

Let's start with the lipstick.

So, I love this packaging.  Its sleek, classic, and a gorgeous color.

This particular lip is from the Siren collection and the color is Au Pair.

The color itself is really understated and pretty. This is a color I would feel comfortable wearing day or night and with pretty much any outfit.

The lipstick itself is sooooo smooth and feels so good on my lips.  It stays on super well and I can totally see myself rocking this all night long and not feeling uncomfortable.  In fact, it feels like I am wearing a chapstick with the look of a high end lipstick.  Win-win.

Next up is the blush:

Again, totally in love with this packaging.  Great color, great shape, and its about double the size of the lipstick so its still a fine size to throw in your purse.

Now, I don't often wear blush. Plus, this is my first time ever wearing a blush that comes in stick form.  But, this blush might have just converted me to both.

The particular one that I have tried is from the Aura collection and the color is Virtue.

The Aura collection is dubbed as a "multi-purpose blush" and, while I was putting it on, I felt inspired to see how multi-purpose this stick really is.

After putting it on my cheeks I felt like this color could potential be used to do a little light contouring.  So, I slapped some on my nose, slapped some around my face, put a little more under my cheek bones truly lived up to its name.

Aura goes on so smooth it is easy to simply draw a couple lines where you want them and blend with your fingers.  It blends well, looks seamless, and feels so light on your face its as if nothing is there.

I quickly went from having no feelings about blush to needing to make this product a part of my daily routine.

Over all I was extremely impressed by Vapour Beauty.  The products are made well using ethically sourced materials and sustainable creation processes. The products I tried were light, smooth, and gorgeous.  If you are looking for great quality natural beauty products definitely head over to and