Mode Ring: 3 Mood Swing styles

A placebo affect stitched into every piece of clothing you own. To suppress your feelings, to boost your spirits, make you feel sexy, happy, strong, feminine, manly whatever your mood that day. So let your emotional pendulum swing away with our style guide.


How to: Hair in your face and dark sunken eye makeup to signal you don't want anyone looking at you. Incapsulate yourself in oversized dark coats and sweaters like a security blanket to hide yourself away from the world. Dark somber colors like black and grey reflect your melancholy.

ReferenceCarine Roitfeld


How to: For those days you need to let out your rage and show everyone that you don't take lip from anyone. Don a tough non-fashiony leather jacket as your armor, wear your meanest mug to intimidate your enemies, and contour your face for a sharper jawline and strengthen your features.

ReferenceRick Owens Spring 2014 step troupe models and Naomi Campbell


How to: Bright colors to mirror your sunny disposition. Humorous clothing that makes you smile will bring smiles to others. Glitter and of course a smile are the best beauty tips.

ReferenceBetsey Johnson