Trash Couture

With summer looming in so close, I am sure many of us have lagged yet to finish off our spring spruce. Purging our closets and life’s from the over bulging scarps that have held space, for ages. One great way to think of all the rejects in our closets is to inject a new lease of vitality.

Think dreary curtain into a fine blazer, paint on those old sneaks or adding embellishments to plain blouses. With Pinterest and those many ‘how to’ sites you won’t run of ideas for altering the most unthought-of junk into runway magic, think trash couture, pieces so unique you’ll be the talk of town for days (good or bad gossip). Hey! It’s how trends get started.

That’s exactly what partners Adam Mork and Gabby Lovazzano have done with their jewelry collection, using antiquated tech hardware into dazzling one off gems. If you’re into old skool tape recorders, floppy disks and outdated hardware cases they may just be your jam. With their shared love for music and electronics birthed was their brand Ejects, their handmade accessory line based in San Francisco, that dusts off obsolete technology for a raving new look.

'The shiny discs and stylized mini cassettes are eye catching and demand attention. They are the perfect reminder of how far we have come in recording sound. Not only will women dig Ejects but men cannot help but shout out complements about the jewelry."

Ok, I can’t help but feel old writing this, but it’s also a fun twist to pieces only a select few can appreciate, think passé comeback.

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Gabby herself, a fun conversation sparked by the sparkles that hung from her earlobes. They’re definitely show stoppers and may get yourself a wink with them.

The next time you think of hurling your junk out the window, pause to play with it differently.

Please share the many ways you’ve re-purposed for an attempt at trash couture.

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