Sav Noir LAFW presentation: "I'm with the band"

Think sheer, leather, fur mixed with a rock ‘n’ roll vibe, take it back to the 70’s, bring it forth to today's times, you’ll have Sav Noir.


There’s an element of nostalgia in this collection, muted hues with the swag of nonchalant coolness. It’s a redo of classics, flared trousers paired with leather. How about middle parted messy locks or the famous fringe also known as “bangs” harmonizing with an oversized sunglass (smoky eye shadow or the liner from last night in true “who gives a sh!t” spirit) round or square to add a dash of diva to any look.

What I loved about the show was the laid back ambiance in comparison to all the fuss surrounding the previous shows. It seemed I was apart of a cool club, private access to the loft in the heart of DTLA, in house brunch, friendly staff and lively models. Shared a few words with Edwin, the mastermind behind the pieces. Inspired by the movements of that era, his collection gives voice to power and freedom adding fluidity from the music to bring lightness to his solid choice of colors and cuts.


There was no announcement to commence the show, the models strutted out onto the stage where there were instruments already in place almost seeming as though they were band members ready to rock out on stage. There was a total of five looks each carrying a unique element in keeping with the inspiration. The models where a diverse group of people too, didn’t know if this was intentional, as fashion from the 70’s was a worldwide craze, which spoke the essence of breaking down the rigidity of fashion (and boundaries) allowing a multitude of cultures to express their own version of rock’n’roll. Goes to show how far reaching the styles born during that decade have swept the world. Almost everyone can attest to seeing a picture of their parents sporting flared trousers with wide vintage shades.

I loved the different textures of fabrics, looks, from the fro, to the silky bob, to the hint of animal print, making it quintessentially 70’s chic. Edwin’s styles are uniquely intended to break the molds of modern fashion, taking us all back in style with his recent collection.